IGN Departmental - Corse du Sud/Hte Corse (D2A-2B)

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A regional road map with tourist information & place name index.

IGN Departmental - Corse du Sud/Hte Corse (D2A-2B)
IGN Departmental - Corse du Sud/Hte Corse (D2A-2B) IGN Departmental - Corse du Sud/Hte Corse (D2A-2B)

1:150,000 scale
1 cm to 1.5 km or 1 inch to 2&#189 miles

France's individual administrative departments on maps from the IGN with cartography designed to provide the clearest presentation of the road network among IGN's extensive range of titles.

IGN's departmental maps divides small local roads into two different kinds to enable them to be better illustrated. With reduced terrain information from the next series up and fewer driving distances indicated on local roads, this series is designed to strip away any unnecessary detail providing a clear mapping with large coverage. Place names and symbols have also been adjusted to give greater clarity with fewer isolated dwellings marked and the maps do not indicate any features usually included at this scale such as churches, castles, etc. Railway lines and stations are still marked as well as airports/aerodromes. The maps do not include any tourist information such as interesting sights or GR routes and no geographical coordinates are included.

Interestingly, IGN's map number corresponds to both the official department number and the first two digits of all address postcodes within the department.

IGN Departmental map features include:

  • Map legend includes English
  • Increase road clarity and reduced detail for ease of navigation
  • All motorways, tolls, major and minor roads
  • Topography shown by a reduced version of relief shading
  • Index lists communes with their population figures

IGN (Institut Geographique National) is the official mapping agency of the nation providing accurate, reliable and detailed geographic information of the French landscape and is now a name now synonymous with outdoor leisure activities and navigation in Europe.

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