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How To Choose The Right OS Map

How to choose the right OS map

OS Explorer Maps

For detailed navigation when walking, hiking, orienteering and cycling the OS Explorer map series is ideal. The 1:25 000 scale (4cm to 1km, 2½ inches to 1 mile) shows every landmark, house, river, viewpoint, hill and pub so you'll easily be able to plan and navigate your route. Every cm of Great Britain is covered in 403 maps, so wherever you want to go, we've got the map you need. See the full range of OS Explorer Maps in our map shop.

OS Landranger Maps

For planning day trips, bike rides, hiking, outdoor adventures, and to get to know an area OS Landranger maps are perfect. This 1:50 000 scale, (2 cm to 1 km, 1¼ inches to 1 mile) all-purpose map is just what you need if you want to get the most out of your trips. The area covered is 40 km by 40 km, allowing you to really get to know an area. This series covers Great Britain in 204 detailed maps. Visitors and residents alike will appreciate the level of detail, which includes places of interest, tourist information, picnic areas and camping sites, plus Rights of Way information for England and Wales. See the full range of OS Landranger Maps in our map shop.

Weatherproof maps

These maps are often known as encapsulated or laminated maps, and are available for all OS Explorer and OS Landranger maps. They contain the same information as the standard OS Explorer series but are covered in a lightweight protective plastic coating. As well as handling wet weather conditions, this series can easily be written on with washable ink, making it simple to highlight your favourite routes and then wipe them off when you return home. OS Explorer Active maps and OS Landranger Active maps in our map shop.