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Dash Map Search

How To Use Our Map Search

Our interactive map selector enables you to search for available maps for an area all in one place. This allows you to see the map in context illustrating not only the coverage, but where the map starts and finishes in relation to your selected point in zoomable detail.

Using our map search is simple, there are 3 ways to search:


      1. By area of interest - draw a polygon of the area of interest on the map and from the popup box click 'show results' (if you make an error you can click 'start again') the map will then zoom to your area of interest and mark on all the main maps which intersect this area. At this point you can edit your seach to refine the area or use the search filters down the left of the page to further focus your search criteria. Once you are happy with your search criteria, by rolling over a map and clicking, a brief description box will appear to show you which map this area relates to. You can click through directly to the product from this box, alternatively, all maps which appear in your polygon search will also appear listed below in standard format.


      1. By destination - either type a Post Code, County, Town or other geographical marker in the top left 'Map Search' box and click on the correct destination from the dropdown.


      1. By Product - if known, enter a map code or Sku and select the correct product from the drop down menu to take you straight to the item.


Please note, to preserve the usability of the interactive map, not all available maps are enabled.