IGN Maps

IGN Maps

Detailed Maps of France



Top 25/Bleue Maps

1:25,000 Scale



National Park Maps

1:75,000 Scale 



Local Maps

1:100,000 Scale



Departmental Maps

1:150,000 Scale





Regional Maps

1:250,000 Scale




Which of the IGN Map Series should I choose?


IGN Top 25/Bleue Maps (1:25,000) - The essential map for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and all outdoor enthusiasts. The top 25 and Bleue series are essentially the same map, the Top 25 titles are simply the more popular tourist areas. 


IGN National Park Maps (1:75,000) – A fairly detailed map to cover the entire area of a National Park. Ideal for the tourist; this is the IGN map for planning day trips, short breaks and road cycling in towns or in the countryside.


IGN Local Maps (1:100,000) - Again, ideal for the tourist; less detailed than the National Park Maps but covering a greater area. This IGN map series allows you to easily and accurately navigate the local area and its surroundings by vehicle. This is perfect if you are stopping somewhere and need a map to explore in the car.


IGN Departmental Maps (1:150,000) – Covering an entire department with detailed roads, this is a great map for navigating around or through France with a fair degree of detail. This is a vehicle navigation map perfect for exploring on small to medium/main roads.


IGN Regional Maps (1:250,000) – Covering a whole region in on one map, this small scale map has less detail than the Departmental series and provides a map used purely for navigating around or through France by vehicle on medium to main roads. Perfect for planning routes.

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