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Dash (Group) Corporate Green Policy


We are committed to protecting the environment by minimising the use of resources, controlling the waste and emissions we produce, and by using environmentally friendly green products whenever possible. We have calculated that our carbon footprint for 2008 was approximately 235 tonnes which can be split between fuel (83%) and electricity (17%).

The following are examples of our current environmental priorities:


Last year we used approximately 73,000 litres of diesel and our fleet covered approximately 350,000 miles which equates to an average fuel consumption of 22 MPG.

Whilst this figure is within normal industry standards, we are trying to improve on this in the current year by:

  • Making drivers more aware of environmental issues as part of our induction procedures and encouraging a more environmentally friendly style of driving which is covered during our driving assessments.
  • Continually upgrading our fleet which allows us to take advantage of ongoing improvements in vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency.

The average age of our fleet is just over three years and all of our vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced to make sure they are running as efficiently as possible. For the past 4 years our entire fleet has been run on a 5% Bio-diesel blend which is made from renewable resources, such as vegetable oils and animal fats. Bio-diesel offers improvements in air quality as well as better engine and fuel efficiency (by up to 5%). It also has a higher flash point, making it safer to handle and store.

We have also had preliminary discussions with Smith Electric Vehicles regarding the Edison, a Ford Transit based van that runs solely on electricity, making it a 100% emission free. The Edison has a range of up to 150 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 50mph but at this stage the costs, versatility and payback periods make this option less viable when compared to conventional vans.


At Dash we try to recycle all of our waste paper, cardboard, metal and plastic (as well as all newspaper and magazine unsolds). We have recycle bins for cans, bottles and paper in our offices and card is every week. We also use printer cartridges and toners that have been refilled wherever possible.As part of our green agenda we identified that the majority of refuse sent to landfill consisted of pallet wrap and cardboard. This was addressed by separating all pallet wrap and cardboard, which was then collected by a local recycling centre. This has led to a reduction in our waste for landfill collections from one a week to one every three to four weeks, which benefits both the environment and us financially.

Other Areas

We have implemented a ‘Don’t switch me on and leave me’ campaign which is run with
help from The Carbon Trust and funded by the Department for the Environment.

This encourages staff not to leave appliances such as computer monitors, lights and heaters on after they have finished being used. We reinforce this by displaying posters which highlight facts such as “leaving a PC monitor on all night wastes enough energy to microwave six dinners”

Environmental Policy

The following policy was introduced during 2007 and signed copies are prominently displayed throughout our depot.

As part of our continuing commitment to the global and local environment Dash Group Ltd has introduced this environmental policy. Dash recognises that in delivering
services to our customers, our operations can impact on the environment. We are therefore committed to minimising that impact, whilst at the same time maintaining sight of our business objectives.


This policy is displayed in a prominent position at all premises occupied by the Company. The company will make available to its employees, customers, the public and statutory authorities any relevant information about the Company's activities that affect health, safety and the environment.


The company will:

  • Assess in advance the environmental impact of any significant new development.
  • Aim to reduce emissions produced by our vehicles by promoting economical driving skills.
  • Operate and maintain all vehicles in a responsible manner, and use a 5% Biodiesel blend, which has lower CO² emissions than conventional diesel.
  • Respect any wildlife on the premises.
  • Wherever possible, eliminate, reduce, reuse and recycle waste and/or ensure its proper disposal.
  • Ensure all employees are aware of environmental issues and act responsibly.
  • Examine the environmental impact of goods and services prior to their purchase.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and at other times if specific circumstances require it.


All directors and staff are responsible for the practical application of these policies in accordance with best practice and existing and future legislation. The person with overall responsibility for environmental matters and drafting this policy on behalf of the company is Paul Dash.

Stephen Dash, Managing Director